How to install Windows 7 on Kabylake or Skylake

Installing Windows 7 on Skylake or Kabylake platforms is a horrible procedure. First of all Windows 7 Installation does not support your USB Mouse or Keyboard. So you Need a PS/2 connected Keyboard at least. (In my Tests it was not possible to get any mouse working.)

After installing Windows 7 only using your Keyboard, the next problem can be much heavier as you expected. Next step would be the driver Installation, but the enclosed CD is only working with Windows 10. So without your USB ports, the only thing you could do, is to select the setup of your USB driver located at your network-device. Or you could ask someone to burn you a driver disk for your system.
But what, if your network connection is not working after the installation and you can’t get any driver disk?

At this point you only can buy an additional Network-Card that supports Windows 7 plug & play.

After installing your USB drivers you can walk through the Internet and download your mainboard-vendors Windows 7 drivers. In some case you will notice, that your vendor does not deliver an official Windows 7 Intel Management Engine Driver for your System. Normaly the Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 driver will work as well. But to install this driver, you need to install nearly all Windows 7 updates, or you need to install the requiered update manually.

The next bigger step could be installing the Intel Graphics Driver, if you use your onboard-graphics. All Mainboard-vendors deliever Windows 7 drivers, but the these are only the Intel standard drivers. In some case These drivers wont work, so you need to download and install your vendors specialized beta driver:




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